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Business Consulting

Our team of expert consultants represent a number of different business disciplines. This dynamic group works in harmony to deliver industry leading services that improve your productivity and profitability, but do so in the most cost effective way possible.

  • lnfrastructure Design
  • Strategic Technology Planning
  • Project Management
  • Mobility Solutions & Services


Flare3 makes sense of sourcing the products and services you need, fast and easy - from large-scale hardware and software upgrades to basic supply of components, peripherals and everyday consumables.

  • Industry-leading products
  • Competitive pricing & CostPlus Models
  • Procurement planning and support
  • e-procurement & corporate account services

Hardware & Software

At Flare3 we offer more than 100,000 hardware and software products from leading top brands in the market place today. Providing you with access to the industry's largest inventories means more selection and ready-to-ship solutions to your door anywhere in Canada!

We also provide a wide range of financing services to help leverage your IT budget.

Asset Management

We can help reduce the costs and risks associated with technology ownership through managed end-of-life consulting programs. Flare3 can offers our clients an expanded view on the equipment being replaced as well as supplying our customers with strategic partners.

Managed Services

Flare3 offers expertise and resources to help support functions for your IT infrastructure.

  • IT Help Desk
  • Hosted Email
  • Hosted Blackberry / BES
  • Configuration & deployment
  • On-site technical support
  • Disaster Recovery and offsite storage

Off-grid service

Our team can connect remote locations, offering multiple key solutions.

  • Solar power
  • Turbine power
  • RF network connection
  • Laser network connection
  • Video monitoring
  • Centrialized physical access control

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At Flare3 we’re always here to help. You might currently be stuck in a technology crisis, or simply planning for the future, we’ll be happy to assist either way.